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What makes a website vulnerable?

In a digital world, a website has become essential and easier to obtain than ever. Fighting constantly with internet threats, we know what a wide gate to these threats is an website. So, we have decided to share with you, the main causes of the websites’ vulnerabilities.

Because you cannot stay safe if you do not know where to look 🙂

What makes a website vulnerable?

Coding flaws!

When we talk about human factor, everyone should understand that perfection may not be acquired. Even with experienced software engineers, you may find between 15 to 50 bugs in 1,0000 lines of code.

Security advices for websites’ owners

The best way to ensure the security of an application is including security practices within the developing process. In this case the security practices imply developing any website/application with security aspect in mind. We already saw, last week, that insecure coding, mainly focus on functioning, generate a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Security misconfiguration

In our third week from the series “What makes a website vulnerable?” we will share with you some useful insights about security misconfigurations.

Software Updates

The software updates for your website is one of the most simple and easy security maintenance measures and, in the same time, one of the most neglected.

Shared Hosting

Security risks raised by a shared hosting server and differences between shared hosting and cloud hosting.

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