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Are you a target of a cyber attack?

Why should anyone be interested to perform a cyber attack against my company? Even if cybersecurity has become a global topic and concern in the recent years, this is still one of the most frequent questions in the mind of too many people.

This perception over cybersecurity is encouraged, among others, by news that report mainly cyber attacks against the largest corporations of the world which face dramatic consequences: losses of millions of euros, serious reputational damages and litigations. But, the reality of year 2019 is that cyber attacks are most common than ever and aim, actually, mainly small and medium businesses.

We will show you below some data collected in the recent years demonstrating that every business is a potential victim of a cyber attack, from companies with only one employee to multinational corporations.

In 2016 about 55% of the small and medium companies declared that they experienced a cyber attack within the last 12 months of activity, in 2017 it was registered a percentage of  61%, while in 2018 the percentage raised to 67% and all statistics indicate that the percentage will continue to grow.

In 2016, 50% of the companies that experienced a cyber attack reported a data breach, in 2017 the percentage of companies reporting a data breach raised to 54% and in 2018 raised to 58%.

The main objective of cyber attacks is to obtain information: customer records, employee records, financial information, know how etc. Why? because information means power, advantage and, in some cases, simply good money (there are many cases when the information obtained is sold on dark web and use further).

As shown, cyber attacks tend to focus on small and medium size companies because  they have a much higher success rate against them. Factors such as: the insufficient budget, lack of personnel specialized in cybersecurity or the inability to understand the risks of a cyber attack, how to protect against cyber attacks and, thus, the refusal to prioritize budget and personnel to make a clear and effective strategy against cybersecurity risks make the small and medium size companies more vulnerable to the cyber attacks. In other words, the small and medium size companies are subject to the same risks in cybersecurity as the large companies, but they need to find different strategies and tools to deal with them.

Why should anyone be interested to perform a cyber attack against your company? because in today’s digital era anyone is a source of sensitive and valuable information and, therefore, an easy target for the cybersecurity attacks. While the cyber attacks are become more accessible and cheaper to perform, the consequences produced on companies are not insignificant at all, often leading to their bankruptcy. Know and understand the cybersecurity risks you are exposed to and strengthen your defense!

We can help you stay safe!

We also know how important costs are.

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