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Network Security

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Penetration Test

In a world in which the technologies are evolving rapidly and the cybersecurity threats are increasing in terms of number, scope and sophistication, we consider the penetration tests a minimum and efficient solution that should be adopted for the assessment of every organisation’s cybersecurity.

Vulnerability Assessment

The vulnerability assessment is a process of identifying, analyzing and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a given asset (e.g. computers and related systems, applications, network infrastructures), provides information on the potential risks related to the identified vulnerabilities and possible remediation solutions.

About CyberSecurity

The last decade has been marked by hyperconnectivity and innovation of technologies. The whole concept of communicating and managing the businesses has been innovated and reinvented. While the internet has become the basis for numerous businesses in various industries, new risks have appeared - the cybersecurity attacks. In this era of innovation and big data one of the major risks of a company has rapidly became the cybersecurity risk.

Today, a successful cybersecurity attack brings major consequences for a business who depend of internet: legal, financial, reputational, relational risks.

About Us
Our Story

Our Story

Hidden Process was born out of its founder’s passion for cybersecurity and his desire to make cybersecurity tools available to all sizes businesses.

The team’s extensive experience in both advanced web development as well as cybersecurity provides a deep understanding of the code behind the business and allows for a complex analysis: from the perspective of the code creator and from the perspective of the external attacker of the website.

Hidden Process loves creative solutions! We are permanently in touch with the technological novelties, seeking innovative solutions for discovering vulnerabilities. We understand the logic of hackers and we can easily simulate subtle attacks to discover the most hidden security vulnerabilities.

  • Learn more about our services and different types of penetration tests we offer
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Our Mission

Without neglecting the large companies, Hidden Process understands the needs of the small and medium companies and aims to support their businesses by advanced and optimal services and products that maintain the security of web platforms and prevent cyber-attacks that produce major legal and financial consequences.

Our Mission

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